Schedule your savings 

to fit your budget

Automate your savings with Trezor. Save a little every week, fortnight or month to build a safety net in money you can truly own. Invest comfortably without stretching your budget and protect yourself from short-term market volatility.

Ready to start? Open Trezor Suite, choose an account and click Trade to set up your Savings.

Don't have a hardware wallet yet?

A hardware wallet is the safest place to keep your bitcoin. Click the button below to buy a Trezor hardware wallet today and save direct to custody!

You're in great company

Savings is powered by our sister company Invity, their partners Swan Bitcoin in the USA, and BTC Direct in Europe. Join millions of satisfied customers and enjoy the most convenient way to save.

How to start saving

It’s easy to start a savings account. Open the Trezor Suite app, set how often you want to buy and how much, and relax as your savings grow.

Choose an Account

In Trezor Suite click Accounts, choose an existing account or create a new one. Only registered accounts can use Savings.

Click Trade then Save. Set the frequency and amount to buy then click Confirm setup.

Register with your Trezor

You will be taken to Invity to set up an account, use your Trezor hardware wallet to log in.

Complete the verification* as required by Invity's partners. Confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Schedule your Savings

Back in Trezor Suite, click Confirm setup again and proceed to register your payment details with the provider. 

Your savings will be sent directly to the account you chose, safe on your physical Trezor device.

*Document verification risks exposing sensitive data. DCA is convenient but non-KYC purchases should be considered as well.

All you need to know about DCA

What is DCA?

Saving a regular amount over time is known as dollar-cost averaging, or DCA. DCA is a savings strategy where you buy a fixed amount of an asset at a regular frequency, never putting in more than you’re comfortable with.

Less experienced investors may favor DCA over a one time investment for two main reasons: to reduce the impact of volatility, and to not waste time watching the market.

Investing is risky, saving is simple

Trying to outperform the market is difficult, even for professionals. A safer way to save for your future is to put aside a small amount of money every month, into an asset which won't be devalued by inflation.

Secure your future without a second thought

Digital payments can seem complex, but Trezor makes it simple. To set up a savings account, just say how much you want to save and how often. You can then relax, knowing your savings are safe whatever happens.

Making a secure backup of your wallet is as easy as writing down a shopping list, and no one can stop you from accessing your account.

Why not invest all at once?

A one-time investment leaves the value of your savings in the hands of the market, so any large downward moves will reduce the value of your assets by the same amount. With DCA, your purchase price becomes an average of all purchases over a long time, so you are less likely see large losses based on short-term price movements.

Start saving today with a Trezor hardware wallet. Have your crypto sent direct to self-custody!